​​The United Covenant Union 

Become a Clergy Member!  

In The United Covenant Union, we often say that the breadline is the new shop floor.  Naturally, that means that clergy are the new shop stewards. As clergy, you come in contact with people struggling with chronic poverty and unjust working conditions probably more than any other vocation. 

In a world that is becoming increasingly atomized - clergy are positioned to rebuild civil society by convening people to build prayerful organizations that advocate for their rights in public life and build a new shop floor. 

As a Clergy Member, you will be a full and at-large member of The United Covenant Union. The only requirement for Clergy Members is to pay annual dues. While membership dues are vital to our ability to operate, we are much more interested in your engagement and the relationship we can build with you. The congregation is the new shop floor, and clergy are the new shop stewards.

As clergy members of our union, UCU organizers will work with you to do any of the following:

  • Recruit other clergy to become UCU Clergy Members.
  • Recruit your parishioners to become at-large members of The United Covenant Union
  • Invite your congregation to become a sponsor of The United Covenant Union
  • Help to build an auxiliary congregation that is connected to a congregation you serve/belong to

If you want to become a clergy member, email our General Coordinator Matthew Munk  at mmunk.ucu@gmail.com. A membership package will be sent over mail. (We do this to be in solidarity with letter carriers).