​​The United Covenant Union 

Rev. Gregg Knepp 


Rev. Rusty Curling



Mother UAME Church 

Greater Baltimore Covenant Union

Clergy Leadership 

Blessings Covenant Center

Meeting Time: TBD

Steward: TBD

Clergy: Rev. David Wright 

Organizer: Mr. Harold Vines 

Partners: Jerusalem Lutheran Church 

Rev. Susan Beck 

Membership Secretary

Somerset County 

Shiloh United Methodist Church 

John Wesley United Methodist Church 

Handy's United Methodist Church 

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church 

Highway Holiness Church 

St. Paul AME Church 

United Flock Union Center 

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 1 PM 

Steward: Mr. Bear Lindsay 

Clergy: Rev. Jack Day 

Organizer: Rev. Gregg Knepp 

Partners: St. John's UM Church  

The Greater Baltimore Covenant Union is a clergy union that works in Delaware and Maryland's eastern shore. 

Rev. Jackson Day 


GBCU Congregational Units 

Kent County 

Bethel AME Church 

Mount Olive AME Church 

Holy Trinity AME Church

Graves Chapel UAME Church 

Janes United Methodist Church

Emmanuel United Methodist Church 

St. George's United Methodist Church 

Shrewsbury Episcopal Church 

La Segrada Familia Church  

Union United Meethidst Church 

GBCU Partner Congregations

Fellowship Covenant Center 

Meeting Time: Wednesdays @ 3 PM 

Steward: Ms. Cookie Stinson 

Clergy: TBD 

Organizer: Mr. Harold Vines

Partners: TBD

Our Keepers Union Center 

Meeting Time: Mondays @ 7 PM 

Steward: Mr. Eric Burrell 

Clergy: Rev. Jackson Day  

Organizer: Mr. Demetrius Frazier 

Partners: St. John's UM Church 

Greater Baltimore Covenant Union