COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak  

The United Covenant Union urges all members to STAY HOME during the coronavirus outbreak.  By staying home you are reducing your risk of becoming infected, and protecting the rest of the community. Your job can wait. Your health is more important. 

All auxiliary congregation prayer meetings are cancelled - and will be held via conference call. 

Paying your union dues will help to bring food to fellow members and help offset unexpected costs. 

Congregational Unit Plans  

Please consider investing in our Legacy Fund so that we can build up some reserves and invest in our union's future. 

If you are able, please sponsor a chaplain so that they can continue to develop prophetic leaders in these tough times. 

Please invest in the Mutual Aid Fund to help offset the costs of groceries for members who are food insecure. 

Vineyard Covenant Center

The United Covenant Union