​​The United Covenant Union 

The United Covenant Union is rooted in the shared values of faith, agency, mutuality, solidarity, and reparation. These values are our covenant with each other, they call us to bring about the common good through a relational exercise of power in public life. 


We are people of faith, many faiths. Though we may practice our faith in different ways, we are united in treating our labor and action as an extension of our prayer life.  The way we work to improve our communities is the way we pray. Our faith the oxygen to our action for fairer and healthier communities. 


We believe that power is "the ability to make a change," and that using power to the level the scales for those with the short end of the stick is holy . Each of us have the potential to be leaders, and when we have the formative opportunity to bring our families, friends and neighbors together to take action, we become the vessel of God's love in our communities. 


We believe that no one is helpless, or should be left to feel helpless; we believe that "doing with" is a whole lot better than "doing for." Those who have felt the sting of poverty, hunger and unemployment can be architects of a healthier democracy and economy. 


We believe that a true community is a body of people whose "destiny is bound together." When one of us is injured, we all become injured. When one of us labors, we all benefit. When we take responsibility for the welfare of our neighbors, we strengthen the fabric of our relationships. 


We believe that repairing what is broken is the most virtuous way of engaging in public life. The Jewish mantra "tikkun olam" means "to repair the world." As humans, and as children of the beloved, we are called to enter into the arena to repair the brokenness in our communities so that we might create a community, and a nation our many faiths call us to do. 

Our Covenant

"I’ve also heard the cry of grief of the Israelites, whom the oppressors have turned into slaves, and I’ve remembered my covenant. Therefore, say to the Israelites, ‘I am the Lord. I’ll bring you out from forced labor. I’ll rescue you from your slavery to them. I’ll set you free with great power and with momentous events of justice. I’ll take you as my people, and I’ll be your God. You will know that I, the Lord, am your God, who has freed you from  forced labor."

Exodus 6:5-7