​​The United Covenant Union 

Partner Congregations are organized  religious communities with relationships, social capital, and power.  An auxiliary congregation, will be an organization of workers and or people in poverty. A partner congregation can be the soil that an auxiliary congregation needs to grow into a plant that bears fruit. The United Covenant Union is the water which pushes the seed into the soil, and nourishes the seed so that it can grow. The vibrancy of our garden speaks to how powerful we can be in public life

Space Sharing:  Enter into some space sharing agreement with an auxiliary congregation where they hold a key.

Congregational Dues: A partner congregation must pay $5.00 per active member to The United Covenant Union

Congregational Offering: Once a year take up a collection to benefit an auxiliary congregation

Congregation Steward:
Elect congregation member to be a Steward (representative) in The United Covenant Union.

Covenant Service:
Hold a service each year to celebrate its covenant with The United Covenant Union, and an auxiliary congregation.

Community Organizing Training: The United Covenant Union will invite members of partner congregations to attend all community organizing training sessions hosted by UCU. 

Consulting Organizer:
The United Covenant Union will assign a chaplain organizer to consult with partner congregation on how to engage in public life and how to relate to an auxiliary congregation, and to prophetically address issues in the community.

Auxiliary Development:
The United Covenant Union will work with a partner congregation, through the Steward, to incubate a new auxiliary congregation every three years.  

Expectations of a Parnter Congregation 

Partner Congregations 

Benefits for Partner Congregations 

Partner Congregations are strongly encouraged to have 15% signed up as General Members in The United Covenant Union, and for their clergy to be a clergy member of The United Covenant Union. 

If you are interested in inviting your congregation, or labor union to become a sponsor of The United Covenant Union, please contact Mr. Munk, the General Coordinator at mmunk.ucu@gmail.com